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California Pregnancy Center and Aerospace Medicine 

(559) 486-8888

Watch a really cool video of Dr. Lichtenstein doing a Cesarean section (graphic)

A very old video explaining what we do

You are pregnant. You are delighted, excited, and maybe even a little scared. This may be your first baby, or your fifth. But one thing is certain: you and your baby deserve the best care possible. For both normal and high risk pregnancy, this is exactly what you will get from us.

After confirming your pregnancy with our free test, you will meet with one of our consultants. If you have no insurance, we will provide you with a temporary, free insurance. The consultant will obtain your medical and obstetrical history.

You will then meet the medical provider, who will perform the physical exam and the ultrasound. Yes; we know that seeing your baby is the most important thing for you during your first visit, so we do a free ultrasound on EVERY new pregnant patient.

The next few months will be a partnership. We are all on the same page, and we all want the same outcome: a happy mother going home with a healthy baby. We will help you navigate the challenges of pregnancy, monitor your health and your baby’s health, analyze your tests, direct you to the right resources, and try our best to put a smile on your face when you are down.

The big day is here: your baby is ready to come to the world! With our partners, the dedicated physicians of the University of California, San Francisco (Fresno Division), a competent and caring obstetrician is always available at the hospital (Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno) and ready to welcome your baby. Anesthesia and high risk pediatric services are also available 24/7, just in case. If you choose to deliver at Saint Agnes, our hospital based partners Dr. Oneil Young, Dr. Peter Nasar and Dr. Lisa Golik are waiting for you 24/7, committed to providing you with the bast obstetrical care.

What’s next? You take the baby home and you are now ready to embark upon life’s most challenging and rewarding journey. We will give you this little bundle of joy, and your life will be forever changed. You will spend the rest of your life feeding, changing diapers, teaching about life, helping when the child is down and being proud when he is up, supporting through school and games, driving her around town for soccer games, staying up at night wondering if she is dating the right boy, worried sick about whether you really should have given him the car keys, saving money to send them to college, and making sure that he or she becomes as good a person as you want them to be. It will be the most difficult work you will ever do. It will be the most wonderful work you will ever do. And when you want us to, we will be happy to laugh with you, cry with you and be proud with you. Just let us know.